torstai 23. elokuuta 2007

Trainee position

This month is coming to an end and my time working for COSS ends too. I'm going to have a working version that checks for errors and warnings, but there is just not enough time to make checks for everything.

Also when doing analysis for larger rule bases there is going to be a need for a database that stores meta data about the rules. Data can then be loaded into rule base according to the rule or rules that are under analysing. This is when the impact analysis is going to be helpful, at the moment the impact analysis data is collected but not really used that much. When loading only the necessary data, adding new rules and checking them immediately will of course be faster. This is required for the JBoss Drools BRMS, that makes it possible to control rules trough browser, and for the Eclipse plugin.

Because there is still work to do, last week I was offered a position as a trainee at the JBoss Drools team. I'm going to take the job, rule engines and analytics module have proven to be really interesting. Hopefully there is going to be work related to them later in my life too.