torstai 7. kesäkuuta 2007

First Blog Entry

I'll be referring to my project, Rule Analytics Module as RAM. JBoss Rules as Rules and the rules used by JBoss Rules as rules.

On first of June I started by signing to as a contributor. Michael Neale had started this project before so I downloaded those codes. Mr. Neale told me that I should probably start from scratch, but these codes could help me on RAM. He also sent me some documents to help me figure out how rule engines work and proposed that I look in to JRuby and how it could be used on my project. JRuby might help to simplify the rule testings.

First day and the first days of this week I spent studying rule engines and JBoss Rules. I had done some test with JBoss Rules before I applied for summer code and some studying after I got this job, but now I had time to go deeper into the functionalities and structure. I also installed JRuby and looked how it works, theres no desicions made if it is actually going to be used yet.

Rest of the week I spent downloading latest Rules codes from SVN and debugging the rule engine to figure out how it handles the rules with java objects. The problem right now is to create objects from rules that RAM could use to validate rulebases. Actual rule parsing from rule textfile is already done by Rules so what I'm going to do is use these objects to form my own model. On Mr. Neales advise I started making rules that check for simple errors and warnings, working my way up from there to create a analysis rule model that would be a flattened version of what Rules uses.

Today and on next week I will continue to plan the analysis rule model.

JBoss Rules developers have been really helpful and they are always ready to answer my questions.